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Vesting is a critical mechanism in token management, particularly for projects looking to ensure long-term commitment from team members, investors, and advisors by gradually distributing token allocations over a specified period. KryptoKase's vesting management functionality offers a robust framework for setting up, executing, and monitoring vesting schedules.


Vesting on KryptoKase allows token issuers to lock a portion of tokens for a predetermined time, releasing them according to a schedule that aligns with project milestones or participant incentives. This approach helps prevent market oversaturation and supports sustained project growth and stakeholder alignment.

Steps for Scheduling Token Vesting

1. Setting Up Vesting Schedules

  • Access Vesting Management: Log into your KryptoKase account and navigate to the Vesting section.

  • Create a New Vesting Schedule: Click on the option to add a new vesting schedule. You will be prompted to enter details such as the total amount of tokens to be vested, the start date, the cliff period (if any), and the duration over which the tokens will be released.

  • Define Beneficiaries: Specify the addresses of the beneficiaries and the proportion of tokens each will receive. Each beneficiary can have a unique vesting schedule based on their role or contribution to the project.

2. Executing Vesting Schedules

  • Upon setting up the vesting details, confirm and initiate the vesting process. The tokens will be locked and begin to be distributed according to the specified schedule once the cliff period has passed, if applicable.

3. Monitoring and Adjusting Vesting Schedules

  • View Active Vesting Schedules: The Vesting section provides an overview of all active vesting schedules, including key details like the amount vested, the release schedule, and remaining tokens.

  • Adjusting Schedules: While vesting schedules are generally fixed once initiated, KryptoKase offers some flexibility to adjust parameters in response to significant project changes or agreements with beneficiaries. Any modifications should be made cautiously and transparently to maintain trust.

Key Features

  • Flexible Vesting Configuration: Create customized vesting schedules tailored to your project's needs and stakeholder agreements.

  • Transparent Tracking: Each vesting schedule is transparently recorded and can be monitored through the KryptoKase platform, ensuring clarity and trust among beneficiaries.

  • Automated Token Distribution: Once set up, the vesting process is automated, with tokens being released to beneficiaries' addresses according to the schedule without further manual intervention.

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