⛓️Blockchain SDKs

✔️ Solana SDK

A toolkit for developing decentralized applications on the Solana blockchain, featuring high throughput and low transaction costs.

✔️ EVM Chains SDK

A development kit for creating applications compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based blockchains.

✔️ Tokenomics SDK

A framework designed to assist in creating and managing digital economies and token-based models in applications.

✔️ Storage SDK

A set of tools and libraries for integrating decentralized storage solutions in blockchain or web applications.

✔️ Casper SDK

A toolkit for building and deploying applications on the Casper Network, a proof-of-stake blockchain ecosystem.

✔️ XY-Finance SDK

Provides tools for seamless integration of cross-chain and multi-chain functionalities in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

✔️ Wallet SDK

A comprehensive suite for integrating wallet functionalities, enabling secure management and transaction of digital assets.

✔️ Explorer SDK

A toolkit for developing blockchain explorers, facilitating the tracking and visualization of transactions and activities on a blockchain network.

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