The isPrivateKey function is an asynchronous function used to validate whether a given string is a valid private key for EVM chains.

It utilizes the ethers.js library to create an Ethereum wallet instance using the provided private key and checks if the derived wallet address is a valid Ethereum address.


ParameterData TypeDescription



The private key to be validated.


FieldData TypeDescription

return value


Indicates whether the private key is valid (true) or not (false).

Example Request and Response


Before making requests with Nest SDK, you must have it installed.

You can install Nest SDK using either npm or yarn. Use the following commands to install Nest SDK:

npm install @nest25/wallet-lib
yarn add @nest25/wallet-lib


Here is an example of how to make a isPrivateKey request using the Nest SDK:

const { Wallet } = require('@nest25/wallet-lib');

const wallet = new Wallet('');

async function main() {
    const response = await wallet.isPrivateKey('ava', 'your-private-key');
    console.log("response-->", response);



   response--> false

Use Cases

  • Validating a private key: By invoking this function with a private key, you can check if the provided private key is valid for Ethereum.

  • Checking address validity: The function uses the derived wallet address to determine the validity of the private key.

  • Handling errors: If any error occurs during the creation of the wallet or address validation, the function will catch the error and return false, indicating that the private key is not valid.

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