👷Smart Contracts

📌 ERC721

A standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing each token to be unique and individually owned and traded.

📌 ERC721A

An optimized version of ERC721, reducing gas costs for minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction.

📌 ERC1155

A multi-token standard supporting both fungible and non-fungible tokens, allowing batch transfer and streamlined contract management.

📌 Soulbound

A concept for tokens that are non-transferable and permanently tied to a single owner, representing immutable attributes or qualifications.

📌 ERC6551

A contract standard for creating and managing accounts that can hold various tokens and execute transactions.

📌 Fractional

A contract that allows NFTs to be fractionalized into smaller, tradable parts, often represented as ERC20 tokens.

📌 UpgradableNFTContract

A contract for NFTs that can be upgraded post-deployment, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to future changes or improvements.

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